UP House powder not PETN: Lab

17Jul - by The Print Staff - 0 - In News

AGRA: The Agra forensic laboratory that examined the white powder found in the assembly on July 12 said there was no trace of deadly PETN in the powder.

“Had there been no doubt that the substance was PETN, the samples would not have been sent to us for examination from Lucknow. The substance was found on July 12 and on July 14 was officially declared to be PETN. But in UP, Agra has the best expertise to examine explosive material,” the official said.

“Even the NIA contacted us to cross-verify the results. Even if any other laboratory in the country, with an equivalent expertise… examines the substance, they will come up with the same findings. The substance found on July 12 in the state assembly was not PETN,” the official added. UP officials have also sent samples to a government laboratory in Hyderabad for testing. Another source at the laboratory said a sample of a second substance, found at the assembly on July 15, was currently being tested. Police had said the second substance was magnesium sulphate.

“If it is, this substance is mainly used in cosmetics or medicines, such as for people with arthritis. It is possible that an MLA suffering from such a problem brought it to the assembly,” the source added.

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